Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sacrasanct - Welcome to Prejudice Day

This is a demo/self financed tape? from UK band Sacrasanct recorded in 1991. I really don't have any info on them (any help would be appreciated).

I used to run a small hotel back then and one of the group used to come and stay with his grandmother (i think), and knowing my musical taste at that time gave me this tape.

I have to say I really enjoy these songs they are heavily influenced by the bands of the time IE Whitesnake , Blue Thunder etc

Well worth a listen

All songs written, Arranged & Produced by Sacrasanct

The Band

Geordie ; Vocals, Backing Vocals

Martin James ; Guitar

David John Englund ; Drums

Michael Rotherford ; Keyboards


1 - Prejudice Day (Kerry's Song)

2 - Don't Bring Me Down

3 - In Love With Love



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