Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gnidrolog- 1972- Lady Lake

GNIDROLOG - 1972 - Lady Lake
01- I could never be a soldier (11.32)
02- Ship (6.39)
03- A dog with no collar (2.05)
04- Lady lake (8.47)
05- Same Dream (2.45)
06- Social Embarassement (6.28)
All tracks are composed by Gnidrolog
From Progarchives: "Gnidrolog are one of the more overlooked bands that took part in the progressive rock explosion in Britain around 1971-73. Intricate band, with an ecletic music that is very hard to categorize. Their music is a blend of bluesy rock, with horn instruments, and intense vocals on top of it. They might appeal to Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull and Van Der Graaf fans. Still, pick up (...) their opus "Lady Lake" and prepare to be bowled over. After a long (27 years!), Gnidrolog re-banded and made a new studio album, "Gnosis", in 2000"


Stewart Goldring- Lead Guitar
Colin Goldring- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Recorder, Tenor Horn
Nigel Pegrum- Percussions, Flute, Oboe
John Earle- Saxophones, Flute, Lead Vocals on song 06
Peter Cowling- Bass, Cellos

And with:

Charlotte Fendrich- Piano on song 05

And if you are looking for some Heep relations, do you mind about this: who is Mr.Nigel Pegrum? This guy, in the faboulous sixties, has played for two years (from 1967 to 1969) in the same acts of B & B, David Byron and Mick Box, as drummer of SPICE, one of the more notable pre-Uriah Heep bands. After Gnidrolog, Nigel Pegrum went on to record for bands as Steeleye Span and The Barrow Knights.
PS: This is the second Gnidrolog's album. If someone is looking for their first record, "In spite of Harry's Totenail", with Mr. Pegrum too, please say it to me in the famigerate comments...


  1. Youv'e done it again Roby,
    Only this morning i was reading Wizards and Demons and thought to myself I would have to post some of nigels work only the stuff i have is from his spell with Steeleye Span and The Barrow i am really looking forward to this


  2. Link posted...
    Thank you for your comment, Colin.
    I've listen to Lady Lake 2 times today and, in my opinion, it's a fantastic album, even if very different from UH.


  3. Hi Roby

    The Gremlins have been at it again, the last track is corrupt. Downloaded it a couple of times just to make sure. Even so i am really enjoying this album and look forward to hearing the first album at some point

  4. cool blog! adding it to my blogrol, and feel free to copy and paste any Heepstuff from my blog and post it over here!

  5. Thank you LiborioFriki, wellcome to this blog and feel you free to make the same with all my posts in this blog.
    Colin, i repost soon the link to the corrupt track. I hate those Gremlins...

  6. Hi, you can find "In Spite Of Harry's Toenail" with emule, there is also in APE (286,30 MB,about 10 sourches)

  7. Hi, love some of these loads. The link for this this one is broken however. Certainly a labour of love from your part by the look of it


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