Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wicked minds- Double dose

Another post of a band that is very influenced by our best Band: Uriah Heep.

This time, not only guitar, bass and keyboards are very "Heepy", but the lead vocalist too, in some range of his voice, is similar to David Byron.

Two others connections with our best band:

1- The cover of Gipsy in the first album that i post: for me this is the best version of this song after the original that i've never heared (listen to it and comment, please)-(Colin, this is one other shot for your UH connections vol. 3);

2- In the second album posted (the fourth in their discography) the group writes some notes who describe all the songs of the album (Do you remember the first five UH's albums, all with notes by Ken Hensley?). I report here how they begin the song's presentation:
"Witchflower is our fourth studio record. We think that the song writing, perfomance and sound make this one our best work since the beginning even thought, quoting Ken Hensley cover notes from "The magician's Birthday", we thought the same about previous records and we'll probably think the same about the new ones to come (...)."

I think that this group is really the reincarnation of UH's classic line-up !!

Definitively, as my friend Colin said about Moonstone Project (Another italian band), Classic rock is still alive!!!

Wicked Minds- 2004- From the purple sky


Lucio Calegari- Guitar, backing vocals
Paolo "Apollo" Negri- Keyboards
Enrico Garilli- Bass
J.C. Cinel- Lead vocals
Andrea Cancarotti- Drums


01- From the purple skies
02- The elephant stone
03- Drifting
04- Across the sunrise
05- Forever my queen (Pentagram cover)
06- Rising above
07- Queen of violet
08- Space child
09- Gipsy (Uriah Heep cover)
10- Return to Uranus

PS: The real masterpiece here is song number ten, a long electric ride of 18 minutes, with so much change of times and very beautiful vocal harmonies.

Wicked Minds- 2006- Witchflower


Paolo "Apollo" Negri- Keyboards
Enrico Garilli- Bass
J.C. Cinel- Lead vocals, guitar
Andrea Cancarotti- Drums

Guest musicians:

Gianni Azzali- Flute, Saxophone
Tony "Face" Bacciocchi- Congas


01- Trough my love
02- Witchflower
03- A child and a mirror
04- Here comes the king
05- Before the morning light
06- Burning tree
07- Shadows train
08- Black capricorn fire
09- The court of the satir
10- Sad woman
11- Scorpio odissey
12- Soldiern of fortune (Deep Purple cover)


If you like classic Uriah Heep (73-76), then you'll love Wicked Minds. I mean that they really, really sound like Heep, from the Wah wah drenched guitar to the Hensley like hammond and analog synth. The band does thrown in some mellotron and flute to give some additional flavor. The drumming is even better than in Heep, offering greater variety and technical prowess. I should also mention that the production on those albums is great. Everything is clear when it's supposed to be and a powerful wall of sound when it needs to be. They can definitively play with power in that funky Heep style. But they do have too a lighter side, as reflected in the acoustic tracks.

PS: a very big thank you for this post to blogger "Error 404" of "", a blog full of lost gems of the past (and of today, as this post) that i recommend to all the readers of this blog.

Cheers to all


  1. Did anybody else have a problem extracting track 10 (Uranus)?

  2. Very cool band, with a definite nod to Uriah Heep. Top-notch playing, and lots of variety. My only complaint: The singer sounds like Rod Evans (Deep Purple), but he does this vocal inflection often at the end of sentences like James Hetfield (Metallica), where he adds an "ah!" "Go-ah!" "Love-ah!"

  3. Yup I've had the same poroblem any chance of a new link please Roby

  4. i will repost the song very soon. Thank you for the report of this error

  5. The link to "Return to Uranus. mp3" is posted.
    Enjoy this very beautiful song (and very long- over 18 minutes).


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