Monday, April 12, 2010

John Sloman's Lone Star - 1978 - Riding high (Unrealised third album)

Lone Star 1978 Line-up :

John Sloman- Lead Vocals

Paul Chapman- Guitar

Tony Smith- Guitar

Rick Worsnop- Keyboards

Pete Hurley- Bass

Dixie Lee- Drums

Track list :

01- Skytrain

02- The writings on the wall

03- One for the money

04- Miss demeaner

05- The fool's gold

06- Riding high

07- Can i live the night

08- Travelling man

09- Painted face

10- Longer in the night

This is the third album of Lone Star, unrealised for management problems during rehearsals for the album. The label finally pulled the plug and the band split in 1978.

This album was later released on the Zoom Club label in 2000.

A little curiosity: during the realisation of the album, John Sloman celebrated his 21° birthday (as remember Tony Chapman in the notes of this album).


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