Friday, April 16, 2010



Got back late last night then threw the wife; kids and cases into the house and made a bee-line for the pub(I had been travelling for the best part of twelve hours) after a bit of shut eye and a little unpacking I came up to my den to listen to some of my vinyl purchases, about 30 albums in total nothing particulary special mostley just replacing old knackered albums  but i did get a couple of gems (in my eyes anyway) which may end up getting a post at sometime ,after i have cleaned them up a bit, the first album by Pavlov's dog being one of them
Thanks to Roby for keeping the blog going in my absence

Onwards to the next post 

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  1. Wellcome back to you, Colin.

    I have posted only three albums in your absence, not too much. I think that you have the third lone star, but if you don't know wicked minds, i suggest to you one listen, because i'm sure that you'll love them. Their Gipsy version is a masterpiece, the best cover of this song of ever, in my opinion. All their music is played with vintage struments: Guitar gibson les paul, hammond, etc. so, when you listen to this band, you are magically in the full seventies...
    If you and the others blog readers like it, i'll post their fantastic live album and two albums related to this band.

    So wellcome back and good week end, Colin.


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