Friday, April 23, 2010

Uriah Heep 1976-05-06 Orpheum Theatre Boston

From Musictraveller blog: "The show was originally scheduled for 13 March 1976. However, the ticket was printed before the tour was cofirmed, and the concert date was then booked for 17 April. The attached ad for the 17 April show states that the tickets for 13 March show would be honored.

Then the 17 April date was postponed. The reason for the show's second posponement was because keyboardist Ken Hensley left the band and flew back to London just on 17 April. Hensley was fed up with David Byron's drinking's problem, and planned to quit the band.
Uriah Heep's manager Gerry Bron convinced Hensley to return to the band and give Byron last chance to sober up. Hensley returned to the tour, and the Boston show was re-scheduled for 6 May.

The Boston show was the last night of the 1976 US tour, and the last US show with David Byron in the band. Byron continued with the band for their European tour before he was fired from the band due to his drinking problem. Byron's last show with Uriah Heep was at Sportpalace, Bilbao, Spain on June 25, wich was John Wetton's last show as well."

I download this bootleg from "" (The clock that went backawards again) just a few of days ago and i don't resist to post it here (with blogger Liboriofriki's permission- Thank you very much, friend) for a serie of reasons:

1- This is the best bootleg of Uriah Heep that i've ever heared, with a sound quality this time very very good, even if it's a master audience recording (This is one of the famigerates Dan Lampinsky's bootlegs). The mp3 quality is very good too (320 kbs).

2- A few weeks after this show, David Byron was sacked by the band, so this is one of the last UH concerts with him (Listening to this bootleg, this is very hard to believe)

3- A very good selection of songs, with very powerful versions of some"High & Mighty" songs, an album of Heep that i love in a special way, and one version of gipsy very shorter than in live 73 that is very new for me, with a crazy bluesy beginning that, at one time, explodes in the tipical granitic Gipsy riff. And the various good improvisations, unheared for me as well, are only one more reason for listening to this superlativ bootleg

Enjoy so much...

Link to disc 1

Link to disc 2



  2. Thank you for the comment, Eduardo. This post is not by Colin, because it's by me, Roby, the other Abominogjnr blog contributor.



  4. Great post.
    Thank you very much amigo!

  5. I was at this show. They also had Styx performing. Styx was great, But Uriah Heep blew them out! The members of Uriah Heep actually got out of their limousine next to me and my friend. I said to my friend, That is the band! That is Uriah Heep! My friend asked the chauffeur if that was the band, the chauffeur replied Yeah! Don't you know them! It was awesome!


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