Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hensley/Lawton - Salisbury

Ok this is the Salisbury Video from the Hensley Lawton band recorded
on 12th May 2001 in the Markthalle in Hamburg although all I am offering here is the one track ie Salisbury

performed by Ken Hensley & John Lawton
with the
Easy Livin' Band + Orchestra
(conducted by. Renate Publig)
I have been after this particular video for some time as it features Mr John Lawton wearing a shirt that I now proudly own which he has signed and is now framed and hanging on my wall next to a Uriah Heep Legend Continues platinum disk

This is an excellent version of Salisbury (even if, in my opinion, the orchestra sound a bit dodgy at times)

If anyone is interested I will get round to posting the full VHS at some point
The concert was in 3 parts. Whilst Easy Livin' gave their all to (amongst others) "Time to Live", "Look at Yourself", "Sunrise" and "Easy Livin'", it's the orchestral second section, featuring "Salisbury" and "Circle of Hands" (featuring Helloween's Markus Grosskopf on bass) which impresses more. The video concludes with a set by the near-legendary Hensley-Lawton Band, celebrating such songs as "Easy Livin'", "The Hanging Tree", "I'm Alive" as well as "July Morning", "Wise Man", "Gypsy" and "Lady in Black".

On a personal note I believe I have mentioned in a past post that the Salisbury album was the first Heep album I listened to, and the title track in particular was my personal gateway into Heep music. I didn't think anyone could sing this song except for David Byron. How wrong was I. It is a testament to the vocal ability of John Lawton that he not only pulls it off but it was on my third listen that it dawned on me it wasn't Byron singing


  1. Hi roby

    Have you been holding out on us!!

    I have been listening to an excellent album by a little known Italian band called Standarte (their first self-titled album) and what a great album it is too. I don't suppose you have anymore??. It may not be Heep related but it is prog of the highest quality

    Cheers Abominogjnr

  2. Hi Colin

    You know... Those are times full of work for me.
    I don't have the Standarte's album even if i have several albums of their label- Black widow (for exemple the extra dark "Antonius Rex", king of doom since 1969, or the excellent band "Malombra", very dark too).

    I would like to listen to Standarte album, so if you want to post it thank you in advance.

    PS: I would be very happy if you can post also the entire set of Hensley Lawton concert...



  3. yes of course iwill like if you post the complete set

  4. Colin,

    i found the standarte's album today into my files on mediafire. I'll go listening to it.

    Thank you very much for this gift.



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