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Denny Ball - Various Recordings

A brief history of Denny ball showing his connections to Heep


Denny first meets the guys when playing bass for THE LONG JOHN BALDRY GROUP during Heep's U.S. tour during July/Aug 1972


Denny plays Bass on David Byron's "Take No Prisoners" album also receiving writing credits on two of the songs, namely Steamin' Along and Roller Coaster


Almost Joins Uriah Heep

It is rumerd that in 1976 Denny rehearsed with the band alongside David Coverdale for the then Vacant Vocals and Bass spots. But it was not to be as of course John Lawton and Trevor Bolder ended up playing these roles but this is what it could have been

David Coverdale (vocals)
Mick Box (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ken Hensley (keyboards, guitar)
Lee Kerslake (drums)



After a break from the business Denny was asked to play on a recording session. He liked the band (especially the girl member) and they became Delta.
Derek Damon (vocals)
Jude Allen (keyboards, vocals)
Tony Barton (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ike Ertzmonite (drums)
The band made some recordings, which included a speculative session with David Byron (of Uriah Heep) producing, but none of it was ever released.


Denny And The Jets

Denny and The jets was a spin off from the Delta Recording sessions and 1 single was released on State Records again Produced by David Byron
The single went out on State Records in 1979. It was given some healthy air time on Radio 1.
 as well as featuring various members of Delta, Gaby Byron also provided backing vocals



Denny plays on 2 of the songs on Ken Hensley's Solo album Free Spirit "Woman" and "Inside The Mystery" then joins the short lived "Shotgun"


Contributes to "Heepsteria - a tribute to Uriah Heep" by recording a Superb (in my opinion) version of "Firefly"

also in this year he plays several gigs as "Bedlam" with one Russell Gilbrook" taking the drum stool from the late Cozy Powel


  1. Thank you very much for Denny and the Jet's rare single, finally i find it in the good old Abominogjnr blog!!

  2. Thanks Roby
    I've been holding on to this for a while, but wasn't sure how to post it. then i suddenly realized just how many times Denny's career had crossed with Heep's

  3. In fact, the informations about Denny are very intresting: i didn't know that in 1976 he was for a little time an UH member, and with David Coverdale too...


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