Monday, May 3, 2010

Uriah Heep - live in Budapest 1982

Recorded during the Abominog tour in 1982 this is of particular interest as it is one of only a few recordings to feature Bob Daisley on Bass. This was also the tour that I got to see my hero's for the first time. I still have very vivid memories of that day leading up to the show, but strangely I remember very little about the gig itself

Track List:

01 Sell Your Soul
02 Running All Night (With The Lion)
03 Stealin'
04 Too Scarred To Run
05 The Wizard
06 July Morning
07 Thats The Way That It Is
08 Son Of A Btch
09 Mick Box Solo / Gypsy (Inc Keyboard Solo)
10 Easy Livin'
11 Look At yourself
12 Children Of The Night

Line Up:

Peter Goalby - Vocals
Mick Box - Guitar
Lee Kerslake - Drums
Bob Daisley - Bass
John Sinclair - Keyboards



  2. Thank you Colin for this rare bootleg, i love the Goalby era of UH, so i will listen to this with so much pleasure...

    I hope that all is good...


  3. Thanks very much for this! Pete Goalby is much better than I used to think. Although Bob Daisley is a very fine bass player, I don't think his style really suits the older songs. But it's interesting to hear nonetheless.
    You have provided loads of joy already, Colin, but do you have 1980 stuff that you could post?
    That would be really great and much appreciated! I saw them live in that year and (contrary to reports about John Sloman) they were excellent!

  4. I do have live in Turin with Sloman from 1980 I keep meaning to post it, so i guess i should make a point of making it my next post

  5. Is there any live version of the song "think it over" ?


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