Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Uriah Heep "Pizza" Connections

As the title of this post suggest, this is a compilation of UH songs covered by Italian bands and singers. It covers a time that goes from 1971 (Caterina Caselli's version of Lady in black, with words very different by the original and sang in Italian- the Italian title sounds in English as "the man of paradise"... In Italy this version was a big hit) to 2007 (The Domine's version of "Too scared to run").

Hard work, for me, to find some of the songs: The C. Caselli song is very rare, i found it with emule from only one user; the Spagna's version of Lady in black come from a huge download of 1,02 gigabyte of the whole discography of this singer, because i don't find the lone song or the album, that contains it, without all other material that i don't care; The Steve Sylvester Ep is another rarity, that i found with a little help from my friend Phon, that loves Death SS (The S. Sylvester's band) and has all their discography, with related; Too scared to run of Domine is a bonus track present only in the Jap edition of Ancient spirit rising album.

I complete the compilation with some repost (Museo Rosenbach and Wicked minds) and some tracks of two UH Tribute bands (UHTribute from Trento and TNT Alpha)

List of tracks & Bands

01- TNT Alpha- Wonderworld

02- Caterina Caselli- L'uomo del Paradiso (Lady in black) (From "Caterina Caselli" album- 1972)

03- UHTribute- Gipsy

04- Museo Rosenbach- Look at yourself (From "Rare and unrealised" album- 1972)

05- TNT Alpha- The easy road

06- Steve Sylvester- Time to live (From "Broken soul" ep- 1995)

07- Domine- Too scared to run (Bonus in the Jap edition of "Ancient spirit rising"album- 2007)

08- UHTribute- Bird of prey

09- Abiogenesi- Di nero vestita (Lady in black) (From "Io sono il vampiro" album- 2005)

10- Museo Rosenbach- Shadows of grief (From "Rare and unrealised" album- 1972)

11- TNT Alpha- Stealin

12- Wicked minds- Gipsy (From "From the purple skies" album- 2004)

13- TNT Alpha- Rain

14- Ivana Spagna- Lady in black (From "Woman" album- 2002)


  1. Thank you very much. I've downloaded a lot from this side in the meantime. I thought I had a lot Heep-stuff, but you proofed me wrong. Always a pleasure to look at your side. Thanks for all the following posts...

    Martin from Germany

  2. Thank you for your comment, Martin.
    I am only a little contributor of this blog and my posts are a little portion of it (i'm here only from Mars of this year). The real Heepster Man, here, is Mr. Abominogjnr, the blog creator, the Man who has the biggest collection of Heep and related that i know. So i think that your thanks (and mine) are in first for him...


  3. Nice compilation Roby

    I've renamed it Uriah Heep - Connections Vol III(The Italian Job!)' on my PC. Always a pleasure to hear new variations of Classic Heep music, of the versions I have not heard before I particularly like Steve Sylvester's version of Time To Live and Domine playing Too Scared to Run


  4. Thank you for your comment, Colin. The songs that you prefer in this compilation are the same that iparticulary like (especially Time to live).
    Always a pleasure, for me, enter in touch with you.


  5. Hi This is Jorge from Portugal; I´ve just found your blog (via VivalesBootlegs-The ClockthatWentBackwards) and I´m really amazed and happy finding a blog devoted to all things Uriah Heep, one of my favourite bands ever!
    I downloade a lot of albuns, as you may imagine :-) but did´t manage to get 2 of them:
    Pizza Connections (link does not work anymore) and an older one: Gary Moore - Rockin Japan.
    Can you please fix both links?
    Thanks in advance and keep on the excellent work!

  6. Hi Jorge

    Both those Links should be OK (tried them both and they work from my PC) if you have any more problems let me know

    PS if you like the blog "Shout It Out"

    Pass it on and let others know about it


  7. Jorge you has reason, the link of pizza connections is dead- I search the file in my folder and it's not there, so i am uploading this compilation one other time on mediafire.

    Very soon i will post the new link

    Thank you


  8. Thank you very much,good job!

    I have uploaded this show from Milan,2008,feel free to share:



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