Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weed- 1971- Weed

1971 was one year very full of work for Mr. Hensley... Not only two unforgettable masterworks with Uriah Heep, but also, after "Salisbury" and before "Look at Yourself", he was member of this strange band, Weed, that involved Ken and guys from German Band Virus. They made one album with the same name, registered during some sessions in the Windrose Studios in Hamburg. Even if all six tracks were officially composed by the concert promoter Bobo Albes, for me the Hensley's hand is present in the songs writing, and every Heep maniac here can judge it listening to this heavy progressive lost gem. Ken Hensley is also the lead singer in this work, and his caratteristic voice give one irresistible early Heep touch to this album. Enjoy

WEED (probably) are:

Ken Hensley - Lead vocals, guitars and keyboards
Peet Becker - Drums
Reinhold Spiegefeld - Bass guitar
Bernd Hohmann - Guitar
Rainer Schnelle - Keyboards

Weed Tracklist:

1- Sweet morning light
2- Lonely ship
3- My dream
4- Slowin' down
5- Before i die
6- Weed

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  1. I go to mediafire recently because i see that after 10 days no one has downloaded the file and i see that, for several times, the file was not accessible. So i repost the link very soon. Excuse to all that try to download this album.



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