Friday, June 11, 2010

Uriah Heep - Live In Treviso 08/05/2010

Questo post è soprattutto per i miei amici italiani e le caratteristiche degli Uriah Heep in concerto, alla data ultima del Wake The Sleeper Tour Registrata l'8 maggio 2010 In Italia Treviso Purtroppo, a mio parere, è dotato di solo 4 brani fuori di tale album con le resto del set composto da vecchie canzoni classiche principalmente di epoca Byron


01 Wake The Sleeper
02 Return To Fantasy
03 Only Human
04 Book Of Lies
05 Bird Of Prey
06 Sunrise
07 Love In Silence
08 Free 'n' Easy
09 Gypsy
10 Angels Walk With You
11 July Morning
12 Easy Livin'
13 Lady In Black
14 Land Of Hope And Glory


  1. I was at the show. I love you for posting things like this one. The show was great but I remember Mick looking a bit tired and maybe this is why they didn't play Rain (little guitar here, anyway)and The wizard like they did the night before in Rimini.
    Russel was all over the place, in my opinion even overplaying in certain songs. Great musician as he may be...I miss Kerslake touch!

  2. I have to say I miss Kerslake as well. Not only have I met him and had the honour of sharing a couple of beers with him. but in my opinion he WAS as much part of the classic Heep sound as Box or Hensley was. I still remember hearing Midnight for the first time(still my all time favourite Heep song Closely followed by 'The Magicians Birthday') and it is Kerslake's driving drums that make both those songs. Russell is a great drummer, probably more technically gifted than lee, and I know he is held in the highest regard amongst fellow drummers but he will never come close to 'The Bear' as far as I am concerned

  3. Thank you very much Colin for this bootleg and for the dedication to italian people, and for translation in our language too. So please, italian people present in this blog, do you thank this man (Mr. Abominogjnr) for this post and for all the rarities that he has posted in Abominogjnr blog.
    For who doesn't know it, i am italian too...


  4. Thanks again, Colin! Here's another one who misses The Bear...

  5. Thank you very much.

  6. Thanks a lot für die Buchung der info.


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