Friday, June 25, 2010

Toe Fat - 1970-12-05- Capitol Theatre - Port Chester- NY

Another thank you, this time to "Silverado Rare Music Blog (Original link) for this bootleg, that includes the only known (i think) audio registration of a live concert of Toe Fat. I think that this is really a good and rare Heep related bootleg, even if those are Toe Fat "mark II", with Alan Kendall instead of Ken Hensley and Brian Glascock in place of Lee Kerslake.

From "Siverado blog": Toe Fat opened for Derek & the Dominos - It's not the entire concert but it's the only live gig by Toe Fat I know . The sound is pretty good... So enjoy this rare concert!!!

Track list:

01 - That's My Love For You
02 - I Love Everybody (johnny winter cover)
03 - Just Like All The Rest
04 - Bad Side of the Moon (elton john cover)
05 - We'll Be Travelin' On
06 - There'll Be Some Changes Made
07 - Midnight Sun

Cliff Bennett : Lead vocals
Alan Kendall : Lead Guitar
John Glascock : Bass Guitar
Brian Glascock : Drums



  1. This blog is awesome, congratulations, very rare thing I found here, from Les Humphries Singers, with the incredible John Lawton, through his Christmas single and I still come across a live album TOE FAT that was a wonderful band. Thank you very much, even though the files are in great mediafire. A big hug from Brazil. Art

  2. Hi!
    If possible, please update the download link. Thanks.


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