Friday, November 26, 2010

Pete Bardens- 1988- Speed of light

This post is dedicated to the last new member of Uriah Heep, Mr. Russell Gilbrook.
In my informations, this is the first album at that Mr. Gilbrook has worked, 22 years ago...


1 - Westward Ho!
2 - Black Elk
3 - Gold
4 - This Could Be Paradise
5 - Afterthought
6 - Speed Of Light
7 - Wishper In The Wind
8 - Heartland
9 - Columbine
10 - Gold (Reprise)

Written and produced by Pete Bardens


Pete Bardens- Keyboards
Neil Lockwood- Vocals
Honey Hylton - Vocals
Neil Nicholas- Vocals
Neale Heywood- Guitar
Dave Foster- Bass
Russell Gilbrook- Drums

This album, from former member of Camel, features Russell Gilbrook on drums in songs 3 and 8 (Gold and Heartland), but all album is a good listening.

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