Sunday, January 30, 2011

Electric Food- 1970-1971- "Same" and "Flash"

Another fondamental Lucifer's Friends related Band, Electric Food made those two albums in 1970 and 71. As in the Pink Mice albums, Peter Hesslein, Peter Hecht and Dieter Horns of Lucifer's Friend are involved in this couple of rock albums, compiled in one cd with 19 originals (all compositions of Peter Hesslein) and 5 covers of Led Zep, Free, Beatles and others.
This is a very enjoiable couple of albums, a must for all Lucifer's Friend-Uriah Heep lovers.
This is a two albums on a cd edition, and this is the tracklist:

01- Whole lotta love (Page-Plant-Bonham-Jones) 3:24
02- The reason why (Hesslein-Monro) 3:18
03- Hey down (Hesslein-Monro) 4:30
04- Tavern (Hesslein-Monro) 4:03
05- Going to see my mother (Hesslein-Monro) 1:59
06- House of the rising sun (Trad. Hesslein) 3:54
07- Let's work togheter (Harrison) 2:41
08- Sule skerry (Hesslein-Monro) 4:40
09- Nosferatu (Hesslein-Monro) 4:52
10- Twelve months and a day (Hesslein-Monro) 2:38
11- Icerose (Hesslein-Monro) 2:53
12- I'll try (Hesslein-Monro) 3:13

13- All right now (Fraser-Rodgers) 3:46
14-Sam's walk (Hesslein) 2:03
15- Love me (Hesslein) 3:31
16- People (Hesslein) 2:56
17- Working on the railroad (Hesslein) 3:25
18- Randall (Hesslein) 3:12
19- Love like a man (Lee) 3:27
20- Sam's talk (Hesslein) 1:39
21- I can see somebody (Hesslein) 5:51
22- Andy's breakdown (Hesslein) 2:25
23- Give me love (Hesslein) 2:12
24- Plantation (Hesslein) 2:58

Essential informations about Lucifer's friend and related bands are inside the cover of cd, with the family tree of LF and all their members (Here a larger image)


  1. Yet again you have surpassed yourself Roby.

    Yet another excellent post which I am listening to right now. Great stuff!!!

  2. Thank you very much Colin, and i hope that you enjoy those two forgtten albums...


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