Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1972- "The San Francisco Puzzle" aka "Demons in America" (Bootleg)

Bootleg from Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco, USA - 24. October 1972
(Bootleg is in circulation wrongly labeled as "Demons In America",
Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, July 1972)

01- Bird of prey
02- Traveller in time
03- Easy livin
04- July morning
05- Tears in my eyes
06- Gypsy (Including keyboard's solo)
07- Look at yourself
08- Love machine
09- Rock'n'roll medley

Second bootleg from the Japanese Blog (the same of Beast Party Bootleg recently posted).
I convert this too from flac to mp3 320 kbs for Abominogjnr blog. This, issued on Reel Master label, is a registration of the Heep exhibition at "Whiskey a go-go", Los Angeles America, in 1972 Demons and wizard's tour.
To be an audience registration of 38 years ago, the quality is good, very listenable and enjoiable for every Heepster. If you like this piece of history, please, leave a comment for these bloggers.
PS: For an error, in the file that you download, i tag this bootleg as 2 cd and i dated it on 17-6-74.
This is'n't, this bootleg is only 1 cd, and it's captured in July 1972, even if i don't know the day of month. So if you want you can rename for me your copy of this bootleg. My apologies to all for the error, and a big thank you to Colin Abomonogjnr for re uploading files



  1. Actual date and place as follows:
    Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco, 24th October 1972

  2. All wrong in this post, not only the name of the file but also the date and the place of the gig. My apologies to all for errors and a big thank you To Colin for additional informations and to the anonymous follower who report too the error


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