Saturday, January 22, 2011

Megaton- 1971- Megaton

From original notes of this work, uploaded by someone that i forget, as the provenience of my download (apologies to him):

"1971 hard psych with swinging London exploitation moves, loud, acidy leads, echoing vocals and catchy tunes, originally released on the Decca label.

A thrilling, no holds barred, heavy rock treatment of a clutch of riff-based but fairly commercial pop tunes, Megaton's sole album has plenty of admirers these days.

Megaton was the creative inspiration of Les Humpries (of the Les Humpries Singers, big hit makers in early 70's Germany) and his writing partner/right hand LHS man, Jimmy Bilsbury.

Perhaps having the likes of future Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton in the misdt of the LHS was an inspiration, but whatever, Humpries nose for a commercial opportunity sniffed out The Free, Led Zep hard rock/blues rock market and he duly delivered. There's some pretty shameless riffs on Zep and other hard rockers of the era, and that actually kind of adds the seedy charm"


01- Out of your own little world
02- Niagara
03- Wanna be a hero
04- Fairy tale song
05- Coo cooki choo
06- Carry it on to the end
07- Woman i'm gonna make you mine
08- Man in an areoplane
09- Life was easy yesterday
10- Tomorrow never comes my way


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