Sunday, January 30, 2011

Italian Prog Masterworks 7- Maxophone- 1975- Same (English Version)

01- Life can be like music
02- Six against one
03- When we were young
04- Fase
05- I heard a butterfly
06- Live toghether or die
07- Il fischio del vapore (Bonus)
08- Cono di gelato (Bonus)
Maurizio Bianchini- Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Vibraphone, Backing Vocals.
Roberto Giuliani- Electric Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals.
Sergio Lattuada- Keyboards, Backing Vocals.
Sandro Lorenzetti- Drums.
Alberto Ravasini- Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar.
Leonardo Schiavone- Clarinet, Flute, Alto and Tenor Sax

Maxophone, who made only one wonderful album, a cult disc for the Italian Prog maniacs, was one of the few Italian groups of the 1970s that managed to record an English version of their album, altough honestly the English- language recording wasn't a great success.
"Maxophone had a twin-fold soul: half of the members had classical music background while the other half had a solid rock background. This weird combination appears clarly in some songs were very non-rock instruments, such a horn, clarinet, trumpet and vibraphone are used in very balanced way together with Fripp-esque guitars and electrical piano. In 1975 Maxophone issued their only lp record wich aged very well, sounding fresh today as 30 years ago."
(This text is from Prog archives- here)

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  1. Respectfully requesting a re-post on Maxophone (english version). Again, it's the only one I can find anywhere. And that's alot of places!


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