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Colin Towns - Full Circle LP

Colin Towns is an English composer, born 13 May 1948 in London, specialising in soundtracks for film, television and commercials. Learning piano as a child, by the age of 13 he was earning money playing at weddings and birthdays in his neighbourhood of the East End of London. He went on to play in numerous dance bands, jazz ensembles and also became a session musician.

In 1976 he was recruited as keyboardist to replace Mickey Lee Soule in the Ian Gillan Band. Over time he developed an increasing interest in composing and Ian Gillan credits the Towns-penned 'Fighting Man' as pointing the direction in which Gillan should go. Gillan dissolved The Ian Gillan Band, with its jazz-rock leanings, and retained only Towns, putting together the rockier Gillan. Encouraged by Ian Gillan, Towns co-wrote many of the songs for the new band. Whilst with the band he used his free time to seek opportunities to compose music beyond the Heavy metal direction of Gillan including releasing a solo album, Making Faces, in 1982. He submitted a demo soundtrack for the Mia Farrow film Full Circle which received reviews praising the music.

In 1983 Ian Gillan dissolved the band, and Towns decided to pursue soundtrack composing full-time. In that year he won the commission to write the score for the film Slayground. From then on he was in constant demand, particularly in British Television, where his body of work is prolific, and includes Dalziel and Pascoe, Cadfael, Capital City, Pie In The Sky, Between The Lines and Imogen's Face. His film credits include The Puppet Masters (featuring Donald Sutherland), Space Truckers (featuring Dennis Hopper) and Captives (featuring Tim Roth).

Towns' principal musical passion is jazz and has released several albums in this genre and founding the Mask Orchestra

I just love this album I don't know what possessed me to by it in the first place, probably for the Gillan connection, but I'm sure glad I did every home should have one.
Just open a bottle of wine, lock the kids in there bedroom,put your feet up stick this on close your eyes and let the music transport you to a different plain. Honestly Whenever i need to chill this is the first album I reach for Why not try it and see for yourself

From an Original vinyl copy

Ripped and cleaned (to the best of my ability using Wave repair) .A bloody good and highly recommended program

wave repair link

Side 1

1. Full Circle (Main Theme) (Julia Steps Into Her New House)
Park (10.40)

2. Have You Got A Magnificent Problem? (Inside The Mental Home) (2.19)
3. 'Pretty Men Are Very Receptive' (The Seance) (3.15)
4. Kate (Opening Sequence) (2.45)

Side 2

1. Olivia (4.50)
2. Love Scene (3.22)
3. 'Magnus' - The Unwelcome Intrusion (3.53)
4. Full Circle (Everything's Right Now) (7.08)



Vocals: Colin Towns
Additional percussion: Mark Nauseef

Recording details

Produced by: Colin Towns
Recording engineer: Paul 'Chas' Watkins
Tape Op: Bob Broglia

Recorded at Kingsway Recorders, London, UK

All music composed and performed by Colin Towns

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  1. Thank you very much!!! I`ve beeon long looking for this LP to listen to.

  2. I thank you one thousand times! It sounds even eerier ripped from vinyl. I saw the film the other night and it was fantastic!

  3. please, gif the seed free
    I want this music very much


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