Sunday, February 21, 2010

David Byron - That Was Only Yesterday

" I had first met and worked with David as engineer on the "Rough Diamond" album, at Basing Street Studios and the Fallout Shelter, London. Later, it was Richard Manners of Blue Mountai Music, Who asked me to put a band together and cut some tracks with David. These tracks were much more of an R+B excursion for David,a departure in style vocally. I sensed in the studio that David could sing so comfortably in the context of this band and style, and that "wont people be pleasantly surprised and impressed when they hear this! "We could have made a great album like this, even R+B, Motown, American songbook etc(covers so fashionable now). But sadly.all too soon, time stood still and it wasn't to be I heard these tracks again for the first time in twenty years when we re-masterd them. Wasn't at all surprised! Just as I remembered them. Great voice, great performance, lovely guy ti work with. Yeah, just think David; that was only yesterday."

R. Digby Smith / January 2008

The Tracks
1. That Was Only Yesterday (Gary Wright)
2. Waiting For The Sun (Jim Morrison)
3. Pride & Joy (Gaye, Whitfield and Stevenson)

The Band
David Byron Vocals
Neil Conteh Drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick Keyboards
Tim Renwick Guitar
Alan Spenner Bass
The Chanter sisters Backing Vocals

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