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Gary Moore - Rockin' Every Night Live In Japan

Rockin' Every Night - Live in Japan is a live album recorded by Gary Moore at Tokyo's Shinjuku Kousei Nenkin Hall in 1983, during the Corridors of Power tour. Despite being released in Japan in 1983, it was not given a European release until 1986. The 2002 CD reissue included the three live tracks recorded at the Marquee, from the bonus EP included with the first 25,000 vinyl copies of Corridors of Power.

The Tracks

1. "Rockin' Every Night" (Gary Moore, Ian Paice) - 3:18
2. "Wishing Well" (Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, Tetsu Yamauchi, John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Paul Kossoff) - 4:54
3. "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" - 12:04
4. "Nuclear Attack" - 5:58
5. "White Knuckles" (Moore, Mark Nauseef) - 3:48
   6. "Rockin' and Rollin'" - 4:05
   7. "Back on the Streets" - 5:13
   8. "Sunset" - 4:35

 Bonus tracks on the 2002 CD reissue

   9. "Back on the Streets" - 5:09
  10. "Rockin' Every Night" (Moore, Paice) - 2:55
  11. "Parisienne Walkways" (Moore, Phil Lynott) - 5:49

(All bonus tracks recorded live at the Marquee, London 25 August 1982)

The Band
Gary Moore - guitars, vocals
John Sloman - vocals, additional keyboards
Neil Murray - bass
Ian Paice - drums
Don Airey - keyboards

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  3. Many thanks - for info, the bonus tracks have Charlie Huhn on vocals (not John Sloman)

  4. Someboy needs 2 write gary a tribute song!


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