Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uriah Heep - Gold From The Byron Era

This is a DVD-Audio disc which is playable on most DVD players as well as all DVD-Audio players. It is a nero disc image and  as such is quite a large file and will take some patience to download. You WILL need all 8 rar files 1.38 gig in total . But if you want to hear classic heep in glorious surround sound it should be well worth it
This DVD-Audio disc is to the best of my knowlege no longer commercially available

Audio selections on the disc include
Dolby digital,
Dolby Surround
Digital DTS Surround

Featuring previously unreleased versions of Heep classics from the original studio recording sessions. These brand new alternative versions have been taken from recently rediscovered studio sessions and meticulously re-mixed for 5.1 audio from the original studio tapes. When David Byron died alone and neglected at the age of just 38 the world lost a truly great talent. In the intervening years there have been countless re-issues of material from Very Eavy , Salisbury , Look At Yourself , but this is the first time that completely new versions of Byron classics have been created from alternative studio sessions. Recorded during 1970 and 1971 as the band were working up the material for the first three Uriah Heep albums these newly re-discovered masters have yielded a wealth of alternate takes and completely new versions of classic songs. With the dawning of the multi-channel world of surround sound there was at last an opportunity to show case the wealth of material. We are proud to present a fresh new perspective on a legendary band. This surround sound disc plays on all DVD players.

1. Bird Of Prey
2. Time To Live
3. Look At Yourself
4. Lady In Black
5. Salisbury
6. Tears In My Eyes
7. Gypsy
8. I'll Keep On Trying
9. Here Am I
10. July Morning
11. What Should Be Done
12. Simon The Bullet Freak
13. Dreammare


 Part 1 


  1. Hello

    Thankk you for this post.
    I'm starting the downloads. Then I'll tell you what I think of this album. I'm curious to listen to this !


  2. Hi

    Apparently, there's a problem with part3, part4 and part8 (files corrupted when i unrar them). I've downloaded them two times to be sure.
    Could you check, please ?
    Thank you in advance.


  3. Have checked the rar files on my pc and there does not seem to be a problem whith them (I can unrar the image successfully) so perhaps the problem occured either during the upload or download proccess. I will re-upload the three files in question to see if that helps

    check back later for links

  4. Parts 3 ,4 & 8 now have new links hopfully they will work

  5. Thank you for the reupload. This time, I thought it would be the good one until at the end of the process, my PC told me that the part8 was corrupted (so, part3 and part4 are OK now). I downloaded again this last one but no way, it's still corrupted. Maybe we can wait if someone else has the same problem with part8 ?
    Good evening and thanks


  6. ray, Thanks for the feedback. I have re-uploaded part 8 again please try that. if that doesn't work i am at a loss as too what the problem is.

  7. Have downloaded the files myself using the new link to part 8 and successfully created the image so hopefully this time we have cracked it. please let me know if it has worked for you

  8. Thank you for your efforts : now it works !! I've burnt a DVD right after the download.
    More than one hour and a half of old Uriah Heep tracks on one disc, with more or less new versions! Too bad that I'm not equipped with Surround 5.1 because I cannot appreciate the disc as it deserves it ; it was sometimes a strange experience. For instance, on "Come away Melinda", I hear Byron's voice on two channels, with a slight interval between them, which changes the atmosphere (a sort of reverberation). That goes too for instruments sometimes, or for background vocals, on most of the tracks (Tears in my eyes, Salisbury, ...).
    I've appreciated the softer version of "Time to live", one of my favourite tracks of Heep : very interesting. Here and there, some differences in the instrumentation (the end of "Bird of Prey")or in the pace (Simon the Bullet Freak, Time to live) which make this disc worthy to have it (some of the best songs of the first three albums : what a golden voice he had on these ones). The track "July morning" is interrupted during the intro and then nothing : it's the only problem I had.
    I've compared the sound with the remastered albums : on my equipment, the sound of the latter ones is more dynamic, but of course, it must be different with the appropriate 5.1 material. Maybe one day, I'll pay me some new equipment.
    A big thank you for this album and for your help !!

  9. hi,
    Part 8 is impossible to download. "Invalid or Deleted File". Is it possible to repair it?

  10. Unfortunately not as i do not have the original rar files to re-upload. I can, and will re-upload the complete disc again. but it will mean you will have to download all the parts again.

    ps sorry for the delay but it took me a fortnight to find the disc!!.Check back later for new links

  11. Great post again!
    Thank you very much!


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