Monday, November 1, 2010

Italian prog masterworks 6 - Le Orme

LE ORME Felona & Sorona (English language version)
Studio Album, released in 1973

Tracks Listing

1. In Between (8:43)
2. Felona (1:58)
3. The Maker (1:57)
4. Web Of Time (3:47)
5. Sorona (2:28)
6. The Plan (3:25)
7. The Balance (3:29)
8. Return To Naught (4:08)


Tony Pagliuca - keyboards
Aldo Tagliapietra - voice, bass, guitars
Michi Dei Rossi - drums, percussions
Peter Hammill - English lyrics

From Prog archives:
Le Orme were one such band. On this album, the lyrics throughout are provided by Peter Hammill (VDGG and solo). His words are based on a concept which originated within the band, relating to two contrasting planets which have no knowledge of each other. Felona is a happy planet whose people are sustained by "soap balls" falling from the sky. Their houses are spherical mobile homes which bounce through the countryside "like elastic whales".

Sorona on the other hand is a depressive place which is waiting for a miracle. When this conveniently comes along, the planets co- exist in harmony only briefly before the change in the equilibrium bring with it disaster to both planets. The lyrics actually tell a slightly different story to the summary on the album sleeve, but you get the picture.

OK, nice imaginative story, how about the music? There is a definite neo-prog feel throughout this album, indeed this could be the missing link from symphonic prog to neo. Considering the trio who make up the band use a sparse array of instrumentation consisting only of keyboards, guitars and drums, the sound is lush and melodic. Indeed the melodies provide the underlying strength for the album, which has a generally soft feel. There are no aggressive guitar solos or manic synthesiser runs, the album being based on symphonic influences as much as it is in rock.

There are no tracks which stand apart from the others here, with the possible exception of "The balance" which is commercial enough to have been a potential single. The album really demands to be heard as a whole though, something most listeners should be able to accomplish easily given the albums meagre running time.


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