Sunday, November 14, 2010

Siren- 1969- Siren

1 - Ze ze ze (3:05)
2 - Get right church (3:22)
3 - Rock me baby (3:30)
4 - Wake up my children (3:53)
5 - Wasting my time (2:49)
6 - Sixteen women (2:47)
7 - First time i saw your face (2:53)
8 - Gardner man (3:32)
9 - And i wonder (2:46)
10 - Asylum (3:45)
11 - Bertha Lee (3:17)

Band members:
Kevin Coyne - Guitar & Vocals
John Chichester - Guitar
Dave Clague - Bass & Guitar
Nick Cudworth - Guitar & Piano
Tat Meager - Drums
Colin Wood - Keyboards & Flute
I post this album of solid rock'n'blues because the presence of Mr. Colin Wood, original keyboard player of "Come away Melinda" and "Wake up (set your sights)" in the first glorious Heep album, Veri eavy, very umble.

Colin Wood (born 15 June 1943) is a British musician engaged in the field of jazz and rock music. Wood was born in London and was moved to Somerset in 1950. He played jazz piano whilw still at school. In 1962 he went to Durham University to study mathematics. In 1965 he moved to London to play with Bill Nile's Deta Jazz Band and with Monty Sunshine (1968). He was also playing on rock sessions with the Yardbirds, David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Kevin Coyne and was the keyboardist on two songs included as part of the Uriah Heep's debut album. Wood, whose other musicl talents also include playing the flute, did not, however (although offered the job), become an official member of the band. He lectured in maths for a time while freelancing musically. In September 1977 he joined Acker Bilk and remained with him into the 2000s.


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