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Record Mirror - Private Pleasures - Vinyl Rip

More Indie via Phonogram's Custom Label for this compilation issued by Record Mirror to showcase some of the new names of the time: Dire Straits,for instance,had only just made their first album and the British Lions were a band formed by ex Mott The Hoople members,ditto Godley & Creme from 10 c.c.
Lindisfarne,the North East folk rock band,had actually just reformed after a number of hits in the early 70s
More interesting were City Boy,formerly a folk band from Birmingham and Sandy McLelland & the Backline who only made 2 albums,unlike Graham Parker & the Rumour who had just made their 4th but who were to remain Cult artistes forevermore.
Bethnal were named for the London area they were from and had just made their 2nd album with Pete Townshend acting as musical director,his brother in law producer.
The "Robert Johnson" who appears on this sampler is nothing to do with the 30s blues singer

Original Cover Notes

Side One

Graham Parker and The Rumour "Heat in Harlem"

In 1976,petrol pump attendant Graham Parker fronted a group of first class musicians from such bands as Ducks Deluxe and Brinsley Shwarz. The result was a powerfull combination which became Graham Parker and the Rumour. Four albums and myriad singles later,the band have been termed the best live act in Britain,whilethier albums have received every conceivable award. In addition,the Rumour have recorded a fine album on their own. Graham Parker & the Rumour Continue to gain ground through world-wide tours and unique,stylised rock Their next album is scheduled for early 1979

Sandy and the Backline "The Jokers Just a Fool"

Formed in January 1978, Sandy & the Backline is a seven - piece band led by Glasgow born Sandy Mclelland,ex lead singer of local band Chico. Their debut was at the Saints & Sinners club in Feb '78. Since that time,the band have toured consistently, making ready for the recording of their debut album in early '79. Their first single "Like a Hurricane", revealed their capacity to handle material from funk to light rock with a wide vocal range,brass section and a skillfull rhythm unit

Dire Straits "Down by the Waterline"

Formed in London's Deptford area by writer/singer/guitarist Mark Knopfler and bassist John Ilsley in 1977,with the addition of guitarist brother David Knopfler and session drummer Pick Withers resulted in demo tapes so impressive that DJ/ writer Charlie Gillett aired them on his radio show. In early 1978 Phonogram signed the band and the LP "Dire Straits" was recorded. Released in June '78 it charted in the U.K. three times.charted in Germany,Sweden,Switzerland,Belgium and went platinum in Holland. A superbly original work,it inspired producer Jerry Wexler to take on production of the second LP,due in early '79

Airwaves "Love Stop"

Producer Pat Moran and guitarist Ray Martinez brought in bassist John David and drummer Dave Charles to form Airwaves-a studio band with great vocal capacity,resident within the Rockfield studio complex in Wales. Officially operative in 1976, several singles were released on another label before the bands recent signing to phonogram. The trio,with producer Moran,release their first album "New Day" this year. Each member has a long list of musical credits,which include associations with names including Help Yourself,Love Sculpture,Deke Leonard and Andy Fairweather Low

Lindisfarne "Kings Cross"

In 1972 Lindisfarne were Britain's top selling albums band and on the singles front they didn't lag behind either. "Fog on the Tyne" was a number one album,while the "Nicely out of Tune" and "Dingley Dell" albums made the top ten. In '73 after consistent success, Lindisfarne split up. Rod Clements,SimonCowe and Ray Laidlaw went on to form "Jack the Lad" while Ray Jackson and Alan Hull continued their association with "Lindisfarne II".Christmas '77 saw the original Lindisfarne doing a series of reunion gigs and deciding to reform."Back and Forth"released in June '78 on phonogram showed that the band had retained all their magic. "Run for Home", the single from the album, charted and now with the release of "Magic In the Air", a double live album recorded at their ,77 reunion gigs, Lindisfarne are back and better than ever

Side Two

Robert Johnson "Responsibility"

At age 16, brilliant Memphis guitarist Robert Johnson became the only white musician in Isaac Hayes band. Since then, Robert has played for just about every notable artist from America's country-rock south , including the Staples Singers And Ann Peebles. In the early seventies Robert made a pilgrimage to England, where he worked with John Entwhistle's Ox and impressed Mick Jagger enough to gain an audition for Taylors position with the Stones (alas - a personality clash occurred). Currently Robert has signed with his trio to Ensign records and is recording his first album of original material

Bethnal "Who We Gonna Blame"

Bethnal are a loud and powerful band able to combine power sensitivity and aggression with outstanding musical ability. A four piece outfit, they have been five years in the making. Three are self-taught musicians. After a life of day jobs and solid rehearsing in the evenings the band first secured a one off deal with DJM. In august '77,Bethnal signed with phonogram and did a support stint on Hawkwind's extensive British tour,followed by a short tour with the Steve Gibbons Band. Their debut album "Dangerous Times", produced by Kenny Laguna, Received much critical acclaim.

British Lions "One More Chance"

The lions are basically a combination of the old "Mott" which featured Ray Major,Buffin,Morgan Fisher and Overend Watts with the addition of John Fiddler from Medicine Head. Last Nov/Dec, saw the lions on tour as support to Status Quo and this year as support to Judas Priest. There is a new album in the pipeline for release early next year which will tie in with a new series of dates

Lol & Kev "Art School Canteen"

Together since the late sixties, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme released duet records in 1969, prior to joining Eric Stewart to form Hotlegs in 1970. They continued on to form 10cc with Stewart and Graham Gouldman in 1972. this extremely successful band featured both Kevin and Lol heavily until the parting of the ways in '76. With their intention to further explore the areas of studio technique,production and song-writing.They invented the all-purpose gizmo guitar attachment, released the monumental triple album set "consequences"and the highly acclaimed "L" album,earning them a silver disc this year

City Boy "Dear Jean"

The group was started in Birmingham by Lol Mason and Steve Broughton in 1970, starting their career in earnest as an acoustic folk band. They changed their musical direction in March 1974, presenting an act which included electrical instruments and original compositions.With this act they made their professional debut at Barbarellas in Birmingham in September 1974. In January 1977, Roy Ward became their drummer in the bands only ever line-up change. After many "hot tips"by the musical press as one of the bands to watch, the predictions came true in the summer of 1978 when their single "5705" became their first hit in Britain (they had already had a couple of hit albums in America) and earned them a Silver Disc

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