Wednesday, March 25, 2009

America Strikes Back - The Sounds Album Volume 5 - Various Vinyl Rip

Great compilation album released in 1980

This was a sounds magazine release(in the UK), I really cant remember if this came free with the mag or not as I picked my copy up second hand (or perhaps i just borrowed it from a friend and "forgot" to give it back). Anyway as I still play this quite regularly I thought it was time to give
it the wave repair treatment

Track list

1 Bad Motor Scooter - Sammy Hagar
Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon 19th April 1980

2 Ladies Man - April Wine
From The Album 'Harder.....Faster'

3 Narita - Riot
From The Album 'Narita'

4 High Class In Borrowd Shoes - Max Webster
From The Album 'Magnetic Air'

5 Armageddon - Prism
From The Album 'Armageddon'

6 Party Professionals - Motels
From The Album 'Careful'

7 White Hot - Red Rider
From The Album 'Don't Fight It'

8 Bad Case Of Lovin' You - Moon Martin
Recorded Live At El Mocambo

9 Savoir Faire - Mink De Ville
From The Album 'Le Chat Bleu'

10 The Big Beat - Billy Squire
From The Album 'The Tale Of The Tape'

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  1. This was one of, as far as I know, 7 volumes. The reader collected several coupons each week, and send them of. In return an album was sent back. I have 7 volumes, if there were any more I have no idea. As I remember there were 2 issued each year between 1977 and 1981.


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