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Debbie Bonham - For You and the Moon (Vinyl Rip)

Born in Worcestershire, the younger sister of the late John and Michael Bonham. Deborah was only five when John joined Led Zeppelin, and this powerful introduction sparked in her the overwhelming desire to write and perform.

Her home was The Old Hyde farm, where she lived with her father, John Henry Bonham snr, known as Jack, in the cottage at the back of The Old Hyde Farm. Her brother, John and his family, lived in the main House.

While living there, Deborah and John's son Jason started playing and recording their own songs. At the age of 17, at Robert Plant's house in a nearby village, she recorded her first demos.

With some encouragement and advice from Robert, Deborah sent out the songs anonymously and soon landed her first record deal with the major label Carerre Records, for whom she recorded the critically acclaimed album "For You and the Moon". The album reached the top 5 in the NME chart, was Simon Bates record of the week on Radio 1 and sold extremely well in Europe, being voted "Record of the Year" by Musik Mart, Germany.

A period of recording for the Japanese Sam Corporation followed, and with press and radio promotion including interviews for Burrn and J Wave Radio. After this, English label RPM records released the single, "Perfect World" in 1995.

Deborah spent 1996 getting her new band together, new songs for an album and playing some great shows such as headlining the Belfast Festival and a sell out show at the Bottom Line, Shepherd's Bush to excellent reviews, honing a new direction for the forthcoming album.

The beginning of 1997 saw two extremely successful trips to the US. Firstly, she performed live on LA's Rockline radio to three million listeners throughout North America and Canada. This was followed by a special appearance with Jason Bonham and his band at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, where she went down a storm!

The success of the first trip led to another visit to the US with her band to open for Jason Bonham Band's shows in Los Angeles 'House of Blues' with guests Slash and Terry Reid, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, New York and Chicago 'House of Blues'. Subsequently, two more tours across America were secured.

Back in the UK and Europe, Deborah has toured and performed with Van Halen, Alannah Myles, Tim Rose, Uli Jon Roth, Paul Weller, Humble Pie, Donovan, Lonnie Donnegan, Jools Holland, Ann Peebles, Foreigner and Paul Rodgers. Played festivals from Glastonbury to Donnington, and twice at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival.

Deborah Louise Bonham (b. 7 February 1962) is an English rock and blues vocalist and the sister of John Bonham, the late drummer for the band Led Zeppelin. Born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, she lived with her father in The Old Hyde farm, Cutnall Green, Worcestershire (the location where John Bonham's fantasy sequencewas filmed for The Song Remains the Same). While living there, she started playing and recording music with her nephew Jason Bonham who has played drums on her two most recent studio releases.

When Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968, Deborah was six years old. At the age of seventeen she embarked on a career in music under the tutelage of former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant. After circulating demos recorded at the estate of Robert Plant, she was signed by Carrere Records in 1985. In 2004, she recorded her second album on the Track label and toured in support of it. Neither of these first two albums were released in the United States. In June 2008, her third album Duchess was issued on ATCO by Rhino Records and released in the United States.

Deborah Bonham's (b. 1962) older brother was Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Their brother, Mick Bonham (1951-2000), was a disc jockey, author and photographer. John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham (b. 1966), is a rock drummer who is given performance credit on The Old Hyde (2004) and Duchess (2008). Jason recently played with Led Zeppelin on their one-off reunion show in December 2007, as well as their previous reunion at the Atlantic Records' 40th anniversary show in 1988. Bonham's daughter, Zoë Bonham, is a singer-songwriter and also appears regularly at Led Zeppelin conventions and awards.

For You and the Moon

Side One

1. "Sanctuary"
2. "It's Only Love"
3. "On The Air Tonight"
4. "Who Is The Enemy"
5. "Hungry Night"
6. "For You And The Moon"
7. "Fly Away"
8. "Lovers And Friends"
9. "Never Looking Back"
10."Sanctuary 1985 single mix"


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