Sunday, March 1, 2009

Krokus - Krokus (The first Album)

The so-called “Ice Breaker ”…the first steps for the founding members.

Line-up: Chris Von Rohr - Tommy Kiefer - Remo Spadino - Hansi Droz

Krokus also known - (by the band in particular) - as First Album, is the self-titled first album from Swiss Heavy Metal band Krokus. It was the only Krokus album to feature Hansi Droz and Remo Spadino. The album has become a collectors item since it was limited pressed and has never been reissued and is only available on the original vinyl.

The band name "Krokus" evolved from the word for a flower common to the region of southern Europe, the crocus. Early in the spring of 1975, band founder Chris von Rohr observed a field of these flowers while traveling by train. He was returning from L'Ecole des Chefs located in France after an aborted career in the culinary arts, and it was around this time the idea for a Metal band was formed. The band members stated that it was the perfect name, since it features "Rock" right in the middle

01. Majale
02. Angela Part 1.
03. Energy
04. Mostsaphin
05. No Way
06. Eventide Clockworks
07. Freak Dream
08. Jumpin' In
09. Insalata Mysta
10. Angela Part 2.
11. Just Like Everyday


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