Monday, February 20, 2012

Uriah Heep - Lee's Last Show - Bamberg 14/12/2006

This weeks offering comes from the last night of the 2006 tour which would of course prove to be lee's last gig with the band. This is an excellent audience  recording  of a show which in my opinion has a superb set-list which includes many songs the band don't do very often live and definitely showcases the bands acoustic side


01 Intro 1:19
02 Question 5:11
03 Wise Man 4:11
04 Circus 5:27
05 Heartless Land 5:49
06 Come Back To Me 4:15
07 Why Did You Go 5:09
08 Free Me 7:39
09 Firefly 2:26
10 Logical Progression 4:12
11 Pilgrim 5:46
12 July Morning 5:19


01 The Wizard 6:56
02 Sunrise 4:33
03 Come Away Melinda 4:18
04 Tales 6:12
05 Sympathy 6:07
06 Lady In Black 9:10
07 The Dance 4:17
08 Easy Livin' 3:07
09 Outro 1:14

Spoilt slightly by some distortion on July Morning
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  1. Sorry heepsters, but The town they played is called Bamberg.

  2. Thank you very much for the last gig of Lee...

  3. Oops.

    Thanks Martin

    I must admit i didn't think it looked right but in my defence the files came tagged as bamburg so thats what i went with. I am now retagging everything and re doing the artwork.

    1. Wow, didn't know they ever played The Dance live! It just goes to show the depth and quality of Heep catalogue. Was this a one off or part of a longer acoustic tour?

  4. this was the last date of their European Acoustic tour in 2006 the full tour was as follows

    *** 2006 ACOUSTIC TOUR *** (all following concerts)
    November 13 - Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
    November 14 - Tampere, Pakkahoune, Finland
    November 15 - Rock Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia
    November 17 - Prima, Vasteraas, Sweden
    November 18 - Det Rode Sjohus, Stavanger, Norway
    November 19 - Ricks, Bergen, Norway
    November 20 - Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
    November 21 - Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
    November 23 - Palladium, Köln, Germany
    November 24 - Theatre, Hannover, Germany
    November 25 - Brahmssaal, Karlsruhe, Germany
    November 27 - Deutches Theatre, Munich, Germany
    November 29 - Hegelsaal, Stuttgart, Germany
    November 30 - Oetkerhalle, Bielefeld, Germany
    December 1 - Glocke, Bremen, Germany
    December 2 - Adventuremine, Merkers, Germany
    December 4 - Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin, Germany
    December 6 - Musensaal, Mannheim, Germany
    December 7 - Kurhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany
    December 8 - St. Paul Kirch, Furth, Germany
    December 9 - Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
    December 11 - Operettenhaus, Hamburg, Germany
    December 12 - Steintorvariete, Hallen, Germany
    December 13 - Kulturpalast, Dresden, Germany
    December 14 - Konzertsaal, Bamburg, Germany


    1. In your list Bamberg is Bamburg again. ;-)
      In german berg means mountain and burg means castle, so for german people its a funny mistake...:-)
      Thanks for your great work!

    2. Hi Martin
      Yes. I guess this is from where the confusion arose as this is the list that was originally posted on the official Heep site. and I was guilty of just using copy and paste.

  5. I have had this show for a long time now and gained it from someone who went to the gig with the taper. I've shared this on other sites so I'm glad it's made it hear, a real piece of Heep history. I had no artwork so thanks alot to whoever made these covers. Heepsters need this if obnly to remember lee by.

    1. Thanks Iain

      I made the covers myself but the real credit should go to whoever took the pictures in the first place


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