Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bread,Love And Dreams - Amaryllis

Well Here Goes

This Is My First Blog And To Be Honest I don't Really Know What I Am Going To Do With It.No Point In In Putting Up All That Boring Personnel Stuff You Know What I Mean Age,Sex,Sign Of The Zodiac,Preferred Blend Of Tea Etc

So Then I Thought Lets Talk About Music, Real Music Mind, You Know Where People Actually Play Instruments As (Opposed To Sitting In Front Of A PC With Some Programme) And Sing Songs With A Melody. And Then When They Have Done All The Hard Work And Have/Had A product In The Market Place They Could Then Go Out And Actually Play The Stuff Live To An Audience Without Having Some Guy In The Wings Pressing Play On The Tape Recorder

So That's It Then This Blog Is Going To Be About Real Musicians And The Music They Have Blessed Us With Over The Years

So Lets Get Started

Link http://www.mediafire.com/?dmghjirgkii


  1. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to make these great downloads available!!!

  2. It's simply delicious!


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