Wednesday, March 10, 2010

David Byron- The Lost Songs Vol. 1

As i promised, i post the lost songs of David Byron Vol. 1
This compilation is a collection of Byron's rare songs pre and post Uriah Heep.

Tracklist :

1- Let's work togheter
2- United we stand
3- Montego bay
4- Try (You'll succeed at last)
5- Bet you life i do
6- Question
7- It's all in the game
8- All right now
9- I hear you knocking
10- Sugar sugar
11- What does it take (To win your love)
12- He ain't heavy he's my brother
13- Wanna thank you girl
14- Back in the U.S.S.R.
15- The bird has flown
16- Witchi Tai To
17- Down on my luck
18- All in your mind
19- Rough Diamond- Seasong (Live)

Songs 1/12 are from the "Avenue record recordings"
Songs 13/16 are from "John Schroeder- Witchi Tai To"
Songs 17-18 are B sides of singles
Song 19 is a live record from a radio broadcast

This compilation was originally released as Vol. 3 of Heepsters Mailing List Rarities


PS: I have the Vol. 2 too, i will post in future


  1. IT´S A COOL!!!!!!!!!GREAT POST.

  2. Thank you Colin and thanks to Eduardo too for the comments.
    What do you think about David's voice in the 12th song (He ain't heavy he's my brother)?
    For me is fantastic (and the song too).

    PS: if someone has the entire John Schroeder's "Witchi Tai To" album and one other where, for what i know, Byron is credited in the background vocals, please, let me know...

  3. Superb post!
    Thank you very much!


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