Monday, June 21, 2010

Rainbow - 1978 - Hit The Rainbow (Soundboard)

With a big thank you to blog "Music Box", from where i download this bootleg (Link to original post), i can make a post with a double intention: this is an Uriah Heep related soundboard recording, for the presence of mr. Bob Daisley, but this post is, in my mind, also an hommage in memory of the Giant of rock Mr. Ronnie James Dio. I think that the world is more sad and grey from when He is dead, and in past years i love very much his voice (one of the first hard rock albums that i hear, after all Uriah Heep classics, was "Mob Rules" by Black sabbath, and i was, from the first touch, very impressed by Dio's voice).
I think that no one who loves seventies and eighties hard rock doesn't know this Man, so you know what i want to say...

Ritchie Blackmore- Guitar
Ronnie James Dio- Vocals
David Stone- Keyboards
Bob Daisley- Bass
Cozy Powell- Drums


1. Kill The King
2. Mistreated
3. Long Live Rock And Roll
4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5 Still I'm Sad/Beethoven's Ninth(IV. "Ode To Joy")/Keys/Drums(Tchaikovsky's 1812)

Lenght: 50:22min

Bonus footage:
Don Kirschner Show 1978

6. Long Live Rock And Roll
7. Gates Of Babylon

Length: 8:08min

R.I.P. Ronnie, You and your voice will be forever in my mind and in my heart


  1. Great post Roby

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, Ronnie will be sorely missed he was a true giant in the rock world.
    The very first real gig I ever saw was back in 1980 when by pure luck I managed to get a backstage pass to see Black Sabbath on the Heaven and Hell tour in Edinburgh, even managed to meet the man in person along with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler before the show (shared a couple of carlsberg special brews with them Strange thing is I didn't realise at the time who I was talking too, it was only when the band hit the stage that it dawned on me I had spent half an hour of my young life in the presence of rock gods

    I cant think of a better way for this blog to remember Ronnie by

    Colin (Abominogjnr)

  2. Hello, I new yours frient on this forum)


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