Friday, March 18, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1973- FM ABC-TV In Concert New York USA

URIAH HEEP- 1973- Live Broadcast for Fm and Abc TV
Registered 22-08-1973 at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York
(5 days after my fourth birthday!!)
01- Sweet Lorraine
02- July Morning
03- Stealin
I downloaded this some times ago as part of a torrent in flac format, then i encode as mp3 320 kbs and i tagged songs. The quality is very good and the pleasure in listening is very high!!
The songs come from a promotional tour for Sweet Freedom, 6° glourious album of Heep.
For a week i will be away, so for next posts we'll see at the end of next week


  1. Thanks for the In Concert post! I watched this original broadcast on a little black & white tv. My parents were watching the big tv and wouldn't have sat thru some rock show. Also, I was able to record the audio off the tv with my little Panasonic cassette recorder. I have that tape somewhere but so far can't find it. I had the UH and Mott stuff from this show on there and also was T. Rex doing "Jeepster" from another night. Seem to recall some Johnny Winter also. It'll turn up sometime because it is in this house buried among the collectibles. But really great to hear the whole Heep show again after so long.

  2. Thank you catdeli, i'm happy that you remember this concert and i would like see too this show on my old b&w tv but in italy at times there were only two tv chanels, with a very little space for music...


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