Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucifer's Friend II- 1996- Sumogrip

Last album by Lucifer's Friend, it contains new songs and old classic of LF but also a good version of UH's "Free me" (one another).

In America, as you can see in the second cover, this album issued without bonus tracks or old songs and was credited to "John Lawton featuring Lucifer's Friend".

In my personal opinion this is a good album, the voice of Mr. Lawton is good as ever and the music too (even if in some songs personally i don't like those electronic keyboards... but this is a personal opinion). Good hard rock songs but also some pop songs and some good ballads,

for an album very "full" of songs (17!)

Line up:

  • John Lawton- Vocals

  • Peter Hesslein- Guitar, backing vocals

  • Andreas Dicke- Bass

  • Jogi Wichmann- Keyboards

  • Curt Cress and Ugo Dahmer- Drums

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