Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brother T and Family- 1970- Drillin' of The Rock

Another album relatd to Lucifer's Friend (In how much albums did play LF members in early seventies- Asterix, Pink Mice, Electric Food, Brother T & Family, LF of course. But singular members are invoved in some other project, all from 70 to 72). Brother T & Family includes all original members of Lucifer's Friend, except John Lawton. Their music seems to be an hard blues rock with a melodic touch.
Peter Hesslein- Guitar, Vocals
Dieter Horns- Bass, Vocals
Peter Hecht- Keyboards
Joachin Reitenbach- Drums


01- Drillin' Of The Rock 3:05
02- Lookin' For Barbara 2:40
03- Third Degree 2:59
04- Stranger 3:18
05- Stewball 2:50
06- Jim Crack Corn 3:55
07- Walking Down Paradise Street 2:50
08- Saga Of The Fly 4:10
09- Oh Love 2:25
10- Brother T 3:05



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