Monday, March 14, 2011

John Wetton- 1980- Caught in the Crossfire

This Cover is a collage made by me with five covers of different editions of this very good album, personally my favourite in the Wetton's solo discography (but in the file you'll find all five versions of the cover, so you can choose what cover you want).
Very good album, in some case quite hard rock if compared to Asia's sound of only two years later (i think that, for exemple, Paper Talk could be , for me, a perfect song for Uriah Heep during their Goalby era, and the same is for the song after, Get Away). But all vocal harmonies in this album remind to me the Good Old UH (probably is a mental problem of mine).
For this album, really a cast of superstars of rock, see you the band's line up down in this post...
01- Turn On The Radio 3:47
02- Baby Come Back 3:24
03- Whenn Will You Realise 4:34
04- Cold Is The Night 5:22
05- Paper Talk 4:00
06- Get Away 4:30
07- Caught In The Crossfire 5:03
08- Get What You Want 3:18
09- I'll Be There 3:33
10- Woman 4:33


John Wetton- Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Simon Kirke- Drums
Martrin Barre- Guitars
Malcolm Duncan- Saxophone
Phil Manzanera- Guitar

Enjoy and to next post

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