Thursday, March 31, 2011

The ill-fated boy for whom David Garrick became David Byron

- David Garrick - 1967 - A boy called David -

This post has apparently nothing to do with Uriah Heep, but the name David Garrick do not remember someone? That's right, the real surname of the great David Byron was right Garrick, then this singer of late 60's was his namesake. But the connection between the two David does not end here. Recently, reading some facts on the beautiful Italian site dedicated to UH (here), i found this curious news:

"The final decision about the name change was made by David because of the success that the Spice were getting in the various clubs and colleges in England, and this decision was a suggestion of Paul Newton's mother (Paul's family was in contact with the band, as the father of Paul was their manager at the time). The problem about the name Garrick was that there was another singer with same name and surname who, at that period, was getting some success with a Rolling Stones cover, Lady Jane. This singer soon disappeared by the scenes, but now the legal procedures for changing the name of our David had ended"

From now, there are not two David Garrick, but was born the only David Byron, when the 70's were still to come with the worldwide success and the excess that all we know...

So David Garrick, now very unknown pop singer of late 60's, was the cause of David Garrick became David Byron (and i'm sure that this name change brought him much luck)

I think that this ill-fated singer, whose parents even more reminescent of the songs, at least deserves a listen, what do you think?



  1. Hi, I really like Dear Mrs. A, but otherwise have only Lady J, which - well, is soso... would really like to listen to the rest of his songs... could you kindly re-upload the files, please? Thank you!


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