Monday, March 7, 2011

About Italian prog masterworks

Dear friends, this is a message by me to all lovers of Italian progressive rock: i have opened a new blog where, in my intentions, i will post some or all the italian prog rock albums that i did collect in the last 20 years, with a logic increase in the internet era... So my posts here will be only albums or bootlegs of UH and related (even if their number is not more very large, after all posts in this blog). For this reason the Italian prog masterworks serie ends on Abominogjnr blog with number 7. In my new blog, finally i will write in italian, my language, because for me some times is very fatiguant find the words in english to write what i want to say, and i think that 90% of people interested in this genre of music are Italian people. The link of my new blog (Verso la stratosfera) is here, all visits are very wellcome.
PS: as first post on new blog, i repost an album posted here some times ago, "Milano Calibro 9" of Osanna with an additional link: two bonus tracks that i find after that post on abominogjnr blog)

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