Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucifer's Friend- 1972- Where the groupies killed the blues


01- Hobo
02- Rose on the vine
03- Mother
04- Where the groupies killed the blues
05- Prince of darkness
06- Summerdream
07- Burning ships

Line up:
Peter Hesslein- Guitar, vocals, percussion
Peter Hecht- Piano, Keyboards
John Lawton- Lead vocals
Dieter Horns- Bass
Joachim Rietenbach- Drums
Second effort by original Lucifer's Friend. Even if, from first track, you think to listen to the same good old LF's hard rock (Hobo- Prince of darkness). In reality, on this album, Lucifer's Friend pushes their sound more in progressive rock direction than in their first "Lucifer's friend" (Rose on the vine, Mother and the fantastic Summerdream, with many change of times and contrasts). So guitar riffs and organ are present, but also one piano, that in some songs is prominent on other struments.
I love this classic album, for me one of the better in the LF career
P.S.. i know that the LF's discography is present in many blogs, but i think that, for the presence of mister John Lawton, their albums must be here too.

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