Monday, March 30, 2009

Natural Gas - Natural Gas

Natural Gas
(Private Stock PS 2011)

Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


Joey Molland: guitar, vocals
Mark Clarke: bass, vocals
Peter Wood: keyboards
Jerry Shirley: drums

In the summer of '75, Joey Molland and former COLOSSEUM and URIAH HEEP bassist Mark Clarke discussed forming a group together. Both of them were originally planning to record solo albums. The solo albums were skipped when former HUMBLE PIE drummer Jerry Shirley joined the duo of musicians. They decided to form a group together, which they called NATURAL GAS.

It didn't take long to add to the trio with the new arrival of David Kaffinetti on keyboards. After rehearsing and after some inittiall concerts David Kaffinetti left and the others had to search for a new keyboard player.

After recording a few demos Peter Wood (formerly with the SUTHERLAND BROTHERS AND QUIVER) replaced David Keffinetti. The band relocated to L.A. as the former BEATLES roadie Mal Evans wanted to produce the band. In the end the band used former MOUNTAIN bassist Felix Pappalardi to produce their album. After the release of this debut album, the group went on tour in support of Peter Frampton's FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE. During the tour the inevitable musical differences surfaced and on conclusion Joey Molland left NATURAL GAS.


1 Little Darlin’ (Joey Molland)
2 Once Again, A Love Song (Joey Molland)
3 You Can Do It
4 I’ve Been Waiting (Joey Molland)
5 I Believe It’s Love
6 The Right Time
7 Christmas Song (Joey Molland)
8 Miracle Man
9 Dark Cloud (Joey Molland)
10 St. Louis Blues




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