Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ananta - Night And Daydream

Found the following review on the net and thought I would include it here simply because of how he acquired it. I swear I got my copy under exactly the same circumstances except for Manchester read Edinburgh
I don't agree with his overall rating of the album (I have much worse in my collection!!) although at the time I did think it quit appalling and even now I would never include it in a list of my favourite albums
nevertheless it has grown on me over the years and is well worth a listen

It was also released in some markets as " Wheels of Time"

This album is without equal in the whole of my collection. It is quite simply appalling and an embarrassment which, when you consider some of the other
trash I've bought, is really saying something, but at least there is a story behind it.

Walking through Manchester town centre one Saturday morning clutching an armful of recently purchased albums, totally oblivious to everything going on around me, I'm suddenly accosted by a bloke dressed in a sheet." Would you like to buy one of these, sir?", he said thrusting this album under my nose. "Do you like any of these singers?", he said, pointing out the names of Santana, Dylan, Harrison, Diamond, Wonder and Marley on the cover. Well, I admitted that I did and so sealed my fate. For what seemed the next hour, I was appealed to, exhorted with, pleaded with to buy one of these things and, after beating him down from some ridiculous price, I added it to my others. It was only when playing it that I realised he should have paid me. Ananta are basically a group of very sad people spouting crack-pot religious ideas and all those artists named on the cover simply support those ideals and have never been within a million miles of this thing. So, what do I think of the music? Well you can tell by the amount of space left to review it.
It's just aaaaaaaaahhh!!


Side A
01- Vrindavan 4:30
02- Behind The Mask 4:35
03- Causal Ocean 3:34
04- Home Sweet Home 3:24
05- Wheel Of Time 8:40

Side B
01- The Game 4:10
02- Be With You 5:00
03- Fill Your Heart And Mind 4:45
04- Night And Daydream 7:30

Album Info

*All Lyrics and Music by Henk Keilman, Patrick Bernard,
Mark Francis & Ilan Chester.


Lead Vocals, Piano, Moog & String Synthesizer: Ilan Chester

Lead Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Harpsichord, Synthesizer,
Bass & Vocals: Mark Francis

Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar & Vocals: Patrick Bernard

Bass Guitar & Vocals: Jorge Spiteri

Percussion & Vocals: Charlie Spiteri

Drums: Dave Early

Backing Vocals: Bradley Weinberg, Virginia Weinberg, Pamela Sidney
& Clapham Manor School Girls Choir

Other Credits

Produced & Arranged by Ilan Chester

Production Assisntant: Alejandro Blancouribe

Executive Production: Henk Keilman

Recorded & Mixed by Steve Picco at Majestic Studio (London)

Graphic Design & Artwork: Stephen Perry

Font Photo: Frank Lane

Back Photo: Harold Sunds


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  1. I just picked this album up at a thrift store and googled the band name to find out who these guys were. This review is hilarious! The album is bad and sorta' stupid, but definitely not the worst in my collection! Thanks for the laughs!


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