Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grand Prix - There For None To See

Grand Prix surfaced in the wake of the emerging New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene in the late 70's. Not for them, however, the meat and two veg. approach of the likes of Saxon, Dedringer or Jaguar to their sound, from the outset, Grand Prix offered something distinctly more melodic and polished.

This album is pivotal in Grand Prix's short but enjoyable career; the link between their early attempts at melodic metal and the polished sound of "Samurai" (the band's follow-up).

Track list

1 Heaven to Hell 4:11

2 Troubadour 3:47

3 Take a Chance 3:38

4 Paradise 4:10

5 Keep on Believing 4:32

6 Taking Your Life Away 3:28

7 Runaway 3:19

8 Tough of the Track 6:27

9 Atlantis 3:47

10 Relay 3:20


Robin Mcauley Vocals
Andy Beirne Drums
Phil Lanzon Keyboards
Michael O'Donoghue Guitar
Ralph Hood Bass


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