Friday, May 22, 2009

Spirit of Rock - The Probe Sampler - Vinyl Rip

Whilst flicking through my somewhat extensive vinyl collection I turned my attention to the compilation section and I came across this album , I was somewhat mystified as to where it came from as I can generally remember where and when I obtained each of my precious pieces of plastic. It wasn't in the best of conditions but nevertheless looking at the track list decided to give it a spin and I was not disappointed.
What we have here is a 1972 sampler from probe records which was released through mfp( Music For Pleasure) here in the UK. It is an excellent collection from some of the top artist on the ABC /Dunhill labels in the USA

I cant find much more info on this album other than what is stated above.
well worth a listen to though

I am particularly proud of the way this album has cleaned up as it really was in a bit of a state. For those of you who have Vinyl collections it really is an easy process, I have included B.B. Kings summer in the city as it was recorded(IE before it was "cleaned Up") as an example of what can be done. See if you can spot the difference!!!

Track List

* Birtha - Free Spirit
* Three Dog Night - The Writing's on the Wall
* Grassroots - Move Along
* Ray Charles - What Have They Done to My Song, Ma
* Steely Dan - Dallas
* Mamas & Papas - Go Where You Wanna Go
* Gladstone - Livin' in the Country
* B. B. King - Summer in the City
* Emitt Rhodes - Tame the Lion
* Steppenwolf - Hippo Stomp
* Joe Walsh - I'll Tell the World About You
* Four Tops - Put a Little Love Away



  1. Now, if only you could find Steely Dan's "Sail The Waterway"...

  2. Ask and you shall receive

    Not the best recording of this Steely Dan Rarity but in the absence of anything better i hope that this will Suffice

  3. What disappoints me about this sampler is that it lacks anything from Genesis' one album for Probe (1970's Trespass). A few minutes of The Knife would've really hit the spot in there. Other than that, a surprisingly good lineup!


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