Friday, May 15, 2009

Russ Ballard & the barnet dogs - Into The Fire

Russ Ballard

For an Englishman who was born and still lives in the heart of the British countryside, Russ Ballad has certainly made his presence felt around the globe.
He has sung, played, produced and written his way to over 50 million record sales, capturing Top 5 status in virtually every known record market in the world.
It all started off with The Shadows covering the first ever song Russ wrote (aged just 15 year old!!!). By the age of sixteen he was a co-founder of The Roulettes alongside Adam Faith, and made his professional stage debut playing at an awards show alongside both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
His work as a singer and guitarist has seen him as part of many trend setting groups from Unit 4 plus 2 (he played on the No. 1 UK hit "Concrete and Clay" and Top 20 in USA) and The Zombies through to being the figurehead of Argent. Whilst in Argent he made 6 successful albums, culminating in hit single "Hold Your Head Up" and LP "All Together Now".
Ballard's catalogue of hits include "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You"(Kiss), "Since You've Been Gone" & "I Surrender" (Rainbow), "So You Win Again" (a UK #1 for Hot Chocolate), "The Border" & "You Can Do Magic" (America) - the latter a US #1, "Winning" (Santana), "No More The Fool" (Elkie Brooks).
Russ has enjoyed entire years without being out of the US Top 100 holding as many as four separate chart positions the same week with different hits AND albums!
Frida's (ABBA) "I Know There's Something Going On" was # 1 in many countries and provided Russ with one of three separate ASCAP "Most Performed Songs Of The Year" in 1985. He received the other two for his success with America's "You Can Do Magic" & "The Border".

Taking some time out to spend more time with his family, Russ decided to return to writing again in the 90's, and this time he teamed up with his son Christian on a number of projects. After scoring hits for the likes of Peter Andre and UK boyband 911, he had considerable European and US success in 2002 with writing credits of chart hits for the likes of Bomfunk MCs and Infinite Mass and enjoyed a great start to 2003, with the Top Ten success of Blazin' Squad "Love On The Line".

1. Rock & Roll Lover 3:32
2. Breakdown 3:19
3. Where Do We Go From Here 4:11
4. Guilty 3:31
5. Don't Go To Soho 4:29
6. Tonight 4:04
7. Madman 5:05
8. Strangers 3:54
9. Here Comes The Hurt 3:57
10. I Will Be There 4:24


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