Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chris Tetley presents.. The Uriah Heep Story (Vinyl Rip)

Liner Notes

For nearly twenty years Uriah Heep have been one of the major influences and most admired bands in the heavy rock world. Formed by David Byron and Mick Box the band made there debut in 1969 with 'Very 'Eavy,Vey 'Umble and mick has remained faithful to Heep ever since. David sadly no longer with us. It was David who was responsible for my debut in broadcasting when he was promoting his 'The Byron Band' Album in 1979
My first meeting with Mick was in 1982with the release of Abominog. We've remained good friends ever since - both in and out of the boozer-more often than not "in"... Our unique conversation covers the entire history of Heep, in brief,and I think Mick's warm personality comes over beautifully. there is also a nice contribution from recent recruit Bernie Shaw.
The two Rare tracks featured on this album chart the early days and the later years of this fine rock band

Chris Tetley

I have included the two "rare tracks" even although only Gypsy could have conceivable been called this at the time, as it was only really available on the (B-side from the 'Easy Livin''/ 'Corina' 12') although it has since resurfaced on the remastered Live in Moscow CD as a bonus track


1 . The Chris Tetley Interview
2 . Gypsy
3 . Cry Freedom

Link http://www.mediafire.com/?iury4tymn2n

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