Monday, May 18, 2009

Tear Gas - Self Titled

Originally known as Mustard. Their first vocalist Andy Mulvey had previously been with The Poets. However, he was soon replaced by David Batchelor and around the same time Gilson Lavis (their original drummer, who later played with Squeeze) was replaced by Richard Monro from Ritchie Blackmore's Mandrake Root. This line-up recorded Piggy Go Getter, which made little impact. In 1970 Hugh McKenna took over Batchelor's vocal role and Ted McKenna (ex-Dream Police) relieved Monro on drums. They recorded a second album and tried to establish themselves on the underground scene but were going nowhere with their brand of tired boogie heavy rock, until they teamed up with Alex Harvey in August 1972 to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

from Delerium's Psychedelic Web Of Sound

Tear Gas was the second and final album by rock band Tear Gas. After the release of this album, Alex Harvey joined the group. It went on to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, without David Batchelor on vocals.

Track listings

1. "That's What's Real" 6:03
2. "Love Story" 7:02
3. "Lay It On Me" 3:45
4. "Woman For Sale" 4:25
5. "I'm Glad" 5:49
6. "Where Is My Answer" 5:59
7. "Jailhouse Rock"/"All Shook Up" 5:50
8. "The First Time" 4:54
9. "The Temptation of St Anthony" (live with alex harvey on vocals) 5:06


* David Batchelor - Lead vocals
* Zal Cleminson - Guitar
* Ted McKenna - Drums
* Chris Glen - Bass

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