Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maggie Bell - Suicide Sal

Maggie Bell (born 12 January 1945, Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish rock and blues-rock singer. Vocally regarded by some as Britain's answer to Janis Joplin.

From a musical family, she sang from her teenage years, leaving school at the age of fifteen, to work as a window dresser by day and singer at night. Bell was introduced to Leslie Harvey, by his older brother Alex, after getting up on stage to sing with him (Alex). Leslie Harvey was, at that time, a guitarist with the Kinning Park Ramblers. Bell joined the group as one of the vocalists. After the band split up, Bell moved to the Mecca Band at the Sauchiehall Street Locarno, and later to the Dennistoun Palais Band.

She then rejoined Harvey, forming a group, initially known as Power, eventually travelling to Germany to sing on United States Air Force bases in the mid 1960s. Peter Grant, who was managing The Yardbirds at the time, spotted Power playing at one of these bases, and agreed to produce and manage them, impressed by the vocal ability of Bell and the guitar playing of Harvey. Power was renamed as Stone the Crows, an expression used by Grant upon hearing this band.

First solo album

This group lasted until 1973, finding that Harvey's death from accidental electrocution, on 2 May 1972, took too much out of the group for them to continue. The live chemistry between Bell and Harvey was missing.Peter Grant remained as Bell's manager after the split, and organised her first solo album, Queen of the Night, which was recorded in New York with record producer Jerry Wexler.

Swan Song and Midnight Flyer

With the establishment of Swan Song Records in 1974, Bell along with Bad Company and The Pretty Things, were some of the first signings to the label. Jimmy Page contributed to her first album Suicide Sal. Bell then tried to capture past blues rock glories by fronting Midnight Flyer, a phenomenal live-act but their sole eponymous album (1981)was not a commercial success

Track List:
01 - Wishing Well
02 - Suicide Sal
03 - I Was in Chains
04 - If You Don't Know
05 - What You Got
06 - In My Life
07 - Comin' on Strong
08 - Hold On
09 - I Saw Him Standing There
10 - It's Been So Long


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