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Graeme Edge Band - Paradise Ballroom

Graeme Edge is best known as the drummer and a songwriter for the Moody Blues, but has also led his own outfit from time to time, the Graeme Edge Band.

The Graeme Edge Band released two albums in the 1970s.

The first was Kick Off Your Muddy Boots in 1975 on the Threshold record label, a subsidiary of the Decca Records, catalogue umber THS 15. It was released as a gatefold with album art by Joe Petagno and featured Adrian Gurvitz and Paul Gurvitz.

The second was Paradise Ballroom in 1977, also on the Decca label, catalogue number TXS 121, and in the U.S. on the London Records label, catalogue number PS 686. It was also released as a gatefold with album art by Joe Petagno, and again featured Adrian and Paul Gurvitz.

Graeme once admitted on Rockline that his girlfriend Sue will not marry him because she doesn't want to be called "Sue Edge" (Sewage).

Edge is a fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. An article about him said he has "plenty of time for overseeing some rental properties, doing charity work, playing lots of golf and watching 'Deep Space Nine' at his home on Florida's Gulf Coast". [1].

Edge is the only remaining original member currently in The Moody Blues.

Graeme is from a family of five generations on the stage. He finished school at his father's insistance but after getting his degrees quickly went into music full tilt. He never started out to be a drummer, he was in fact, the Manager of a group called the BLUE RHYTHM BAND. In those days a Manager of the group was somebody who could move the equipment about and had a house big enough for the band to practice in. Graeme always watched the drummers in the groups and fooled around on them, but never really drummed professionally until the drummer of his group quit and Graeme had to fill in. He played with the group for three weeks until a replacement was found, he then bought is own kit and went to work in earnest. He worked with group's around Birmingham until in Graeme's own words "Ray and Mike came over and asked me to join them as they needed someone to cover their more obvious faults"...

A lover of all rhythms, Graeme became particularly enamoured for the Salsa and Reggae beats when he visited the Caribbean. Graeme had sailed there on his 70ft sloop, crossing the Atlantic. Now a landlubber he drums with a precision beat while spicing the Moodie's sound with a wide range of percussive instruments.

GRAEME EDGE was born on 30th March 1941 in Rochester, Staffordshire. His mother was a pianist for the silent movies and his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all music-hall singers.

Graeme trained as a draughtsman but soon went into music full time. He never started out to be a drummer, he was, in fact the Manager of a group called the Blue Rhythm Band. Graeme always watched the drummer in the group and fooled around on the drums, but never really drummed professionally until that drummer quit and he had to fill in. He then bought his first drum kit.

The first band that Graeme formed was the Silhouettes followed by The Blue Rhythm Band. He then helped to form Gerry Levene and the Avengers, who recorded a single for Decca, and appeared on TV in "Thank Your Lucky Stars". Following the collapse of this group in April 1964 Graeme formed The R & B Preachers, which included Denny Laine and Clint Warwick. When that group disbanded the three of them linked up with Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder to form The M & B 5, which later changed its name to The Moody Blues.

During the Moodies' break in recording and touring, Graeme released his first solo album KICK OFF YOUR MUDDY BOOTS in 1975. He became particularly enamoured with the salsa, calypso, samba and reggae beats when he visited the Caribbean during his ocean going voyage round the world in his 70ft yacht. The journey also helped to inspire his second solo album PARADISE BALLROOM, released in 1977.

Graeme drums with a precision beat while spicing the Moodies' sound with a wide range of percussion instruments. When away from the spotlight he lists his hobbies as sailing, golf, war films and sci-fi - Graeme is a confirmed Trekkie.

Track List

1. Paradise Ballroom
2. Human
3. Everybody Needs Somebody
4. All Is Fair
5. Down, Down, Down
6. In The Night Of The Light
7. Caroline
8. Be My Eyes

Album Information

Original LP released April 29, 1977 by Decca Records
Original CD release: September, 1989 by Decca Records

All songs written by: Graeme Edge and Adrian Gurvitz
Produced by Graeme Edge and Adrian Gurvitz
Published by Gredge Music/Led Panache

Recorded at Threshold Studios, London
Brass & Strings: Recorded at Andent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.
Recording Engineers: Anton Matthews & Paul Gurvitz
Mixing Engineers: Paul Cooper & Paul Gurvitz
Engineer: Andent Studios Memphis: Ron Capone

Ann O'Dell: Keyboards & Moog
Tony Hymas: Keyboards
Blue Weaver: Organ & synthesizer
Rebop Knaku Baah: Percussian
B.J. Cole: Steel Guitar

Memphis Strings and Horns:
Bill Easley: Sax, Tenor Alto Flute and all sax solos
Ken Spain: Trombone
Ben Cawley: Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Edgar Matthewes: Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Lawnie McMillan: Tenor Flute
Bill Floores: Trombone, Bass Tenor
Emerson Able: Baritone Sax

Sleeve Design: Joe Petagno

Jun 1977 Everybody Needs Somebody/Be My Eyes

Link http://www.mediafire.com/?ggezzydajmn

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