Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ananta - Songs From The Future

Formed in England by Ilan Chester and the Spiteri Brothers, all natives from Venezuela.
The band had a brief career and during its time recorded 2 albums with diffrent formations, only Ilan would remain in the band until its end.
The Spiteri brothers edited an album in England called "Spiteri", that forms part of those elusive albums from Venezuela
On the second album Alvaro Falcon and Luis E. Mauri are part of the band, both were members of Aditus in the past


Side A
01- Songs From The Future
a- Questions
b- Apples
c- Over The Edge
d- Logical Progressions
e- Phase Three

Side B
01- Break With The Past
02- The Weaver
03- That Precious Machine
04- Dawn

Alternate Cover

*Based on the original words by Stephen Perry, adapted for Music by Ilan Chester.


Lead Vocals, Piano, Prophet 5 Synthesizer &
Hammond Organ: Ilan Chester

Guitars: Alvaro Falcón

Bass: Emilio Mauri

Drums & Percussion: Gerry Lopez

Backing Vocals: Kevin Yee, Michael Cassidy,
Ron Marinelli & Ilan Chester

Violin Solo: Doctor Subramanium (on "Over The Edge")

Other Credits

Produced & Arranged by Ilan Chester

Recorded by Carl Lange at Golden Age Studios (Los Angeles, CA)

Mixed by David Cole at Capitol Records (Los Angeles, CA)

Graphic Design & Artwork: Stephen Perry

Link http://www.mediafire.com/?5yzzzrqxztm

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