Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watch This Space

If and I must say its a big If.(as i've been let down a few times before)

I hope to be able to post a vinyl rip of the 1973 self titled album by Fable soon

This is an album I have been looking for for awhile and on a couple of previous ocassions I had thought I had it only to be let down at the last minute

Watch this space


  1. Dear Abominog, i am a fan of UH from when i was a child (Now i am 40 old). Thank you so much for the rarities that you have posted in the last year, jewels for the real Uh fans. I am very excited if you post the fable album, very rare. It's the first work with Pete Goalby, it is'n't?
    Good by and thank you for your wonderful work on this blog.

  2. Yup it's the first known recorded work by pete goalby (as far as this blogger knows) and it should be winding it's way towards me as i write this


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